The Women of Blossom are leaving a legacy by engaging in and making personal financial contributions within our giving circle we are taking an active role impacting the lives of women and girls not only in our own community but worldwide.  Data shows that funding women and girls within key focus areas has the most impact on not only their lives but the lives of their families and communities.

Where We Give



Each year we donate to local organizations that address the needs of women and girls in our community.  The organizations are chosen based on our yearly focus and if they align with our mission and vision.   For more information on the organizations we gave to this year please visit our Blog.



In 2012, Blossom established an endowment with the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation.  While financial gifts to an endowed scholarship fund remain untouched, the income earned from the principal balance finances scholarships for local women and girls. This allows Blossom to impact future generations of women.


Each year we donate to international organizations that make a direct impact on the lives of women and girls.  Each year organizations are chosen based on our focus and if they align with our mission and vision.  For more information on the organizations we have given to, please visit our Blog.

Focus Areas of Giving

  • Women are free from disease and pain and able to live full, flourishing lives

  • Women have access to knowledge and educational opportunities in order to cultivate learning and expand their possibilities in life

Economic Power
  • Women are enabled to achieve economic success and have agency over financial decision-making

Personal Safety
  • Women are free from violence and other harmful practices that undermine bodily autonomy and well-being

Legal Rights
  • Women have rights under the law that enable them to thrive (including in the other four dimensions)

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