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Recap of Blossom (re)Launch

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Blossom held it’s (re)Launch event on Saturday February 3rd where old and new friends came to listen to what Blossom has been up to for the last couple of years and find out if they wanted to engage in our new "Giving Circle" model. The overall goal of Blossom is to make an impact in the lives of women and girls locally and internationally and this new model helps us do just that! Last year during our inaugural giving circle, which was our “test run”, several women came together to learn about the issues facing women and girls and pledged their philanthropy dollars, which combined together with other circle members made more of an

impact than they would have singularly.

Exceeding our goal by $2000, we collected $12,000, and gave donations to two organizations; Days for Girls (International) received a check from Blossom for $6000 and REST – Real Escape from the Sex Trade (Local) also received $6000. Representatives from both of those organizations came to our (re)Launch and talked about what they do and how the gift from Blossom will impact others. In a very cool and inspiring moment, the representatives from those organizations brainstormed on how they could work together!

What next? We are now ready to move forward in a bigger way. Currently we have several women who will be leading circles in 2019 and many women who want to participate in a circle. These women are motivated by not only learning about what is going on with women and girls and the desire to make an impact, but to also be in community with one another. Most expressed their circles were formed with the desire to carve out time for themselves, have fun, and give back.

If you are interested in leading or being a part of a giving circle please let us know by

February 15th, we are helping coordinate circles now and would like to have most established by March 1st. Please checkout our website for more information and also feel free to reach out to the Board with questions at

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